York Township will be able to vote YES on a climate change resolution when they head to the polls on November 6: 

Shall our Representatives and Senators in the U.S. Congress sponsor and/or support measures that will address the serious threat posed by climate change?

It’s important for legislators to know their constituents want them to work ambitiously to combat climate change. Often legislators hesitate to act on an issue because they are not sure of their constituents’ support.

Climate change is a non-partisan issue impacting us all. The Midwest continues to experience extreme heat, drought, heavy downpours and flooding that impact infrastructure, health, agriculture, forestry, transportation, air quality, water quality in the Great Lakes (our source of drinking water), and more.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, taking action on climate change will result in significant benefits, including job creation, improved public health, increased international security and competitiveness, and preservation of critical food and ocean resources.

York Township includes: Downers Grove (partial); Elmhurst (partial), Glen Ellyn (east edge); Hinsdale (partial); Lombard (partial); Oak Brook (vast majority); Oak Brook Terrace; Villa Park (partial); Westmont (north quarter).

Elmhurst residents Heidi Hartmann and Kyle Kalinich, co-chairs of the Elmhurst Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, were instrumental in placing the resolution on the November ballot. For more information, contact Heidi Hartmann: hmhartmann@att.net or Kyle Kalinich: kylekalinich@sbcglobal.net.