Jim Kleinwachter, Conservation@Home Program Director at The Conservation Foundation, joined us in October to discuss the benefits of using native plants to create an eco-friendly yard and provide suggestions on how to go about creating one on your own. If you were unable to participate in this presentation, you are now able to view it at your leisure.

Whether you are starting from a grass lawn or have existing natural areas on your property, the Conservation@Home program can help you make your yard more attractive to wildlife and retain precious rainwater. Not only will you be supporting critical ecosystems and contributing to a healthier environment, you can spend valuable outdoor time as a family and enjoy nature’s ever-changing cast of characters right outside your window.

Beautifying your yard while conserving water and creating habitat for wildlife can be easy and rewarding. Native plants can help you save money, mow less, see more birds and butterflies and enjoy a functioning yard with fewer problems and less effort.

To learn more about the Conservation@Home program and certifying your yard as an environmentally-friendly landscape, contact Jim Kleinwachter at The Conservation Foundation, 630-428-4500 x115 or jkleinwachter@theconservationfoundation.org.

Start In Your Yard is an ongoing educational program led by Elmhurst Cool Cities Coalition and our community partners. Our call-to-action is based on Douglas W. Tallamy’s book, Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts In Your Yard, which urges homeowners to take environmental action into their own hands, one yard at a time, to restore biodiversity and critical ecosystems.