Elmhurst Cool Cities Coalition hosted John Rogers, Union of Concerned Scientist and co-author of Cooler, Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living. Rogers shared the Top 10 ways we can readily cut our carbon footprint emissions by 20 percent:

1.         Switch to a car with better fuel economy.

2.         Make your house more air tight.

3.         Buy and use a programmable thermostat.

4.         Eat less meat, especially beef.

5.         Use power strips in your home office and home entertainment center.

6.         Upgrade your refrigerator and air conditioner.

7.         Get an electricity monitor.

8.         Change those light bulbs.

9.         Wash clothes in cold water.

10.       Buy less stuff.

Not only do these changes reduce your carbon emissions, they help you save money at the same time. 

As John Rogers said, “If all Americans reduced their emissions by 20 percent, we could shutter 200 of the nation’s 600 coal plants – a great step in fighting the worst consequences of climate change.”


To read more about the Top 10 list, visit:                       http://www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/legacy/assets/documents/global_warming/Cooler-Smarter-Top-Ten-List.pdf