The energy-efficiency retrofit work recommended in Project GREEN helps you save and improve in many ways!


Source:How We Use Energy in Our Homes, Source: 2007 Buildings Energy Data  Book, Table 4.2.1., 2005 energy cost data


The numbers for a typical retrofit project make sense.  A retrofit is usually limited to measures such as caulking, air sealing, insulation, lighting, ENERGY STAR appliances, and heating & cooling upgrades. 

For many homeowners, the project work might cost $2500.  Based on the Elmhurst Energy & Emissions Profile, a typical Elmhurst family might save $600 per year on utility bills after the retrofit work.  That means the savings from the project will pay for the project within about four years.  After that, the utility savings goes right back into the homeowner’s pocket! 

On a modest budget, you can set your family up to be enjoying nice cost savings for years to come. 

Some short-term financing may be available to cover project costs, with loan costs offset by the monthly utility savings you can expect.  Check out the Financing & Tax Credits page of this website.  And be sure to ask your contractor or retailer for a Manufacturer’s Certified Statement to qualify. 

Hea to the Plan Your Own Project GREEN page on this website to start planning an effective home retrofit today!