The International Solid Waste Association estimates consumption of single-use plastic may have grown 250% to 300% in the U.S. since the coronavirus pandemic began. So is there a better way to do restaurant take-out?

As a consumer ordering food to-go, consider eliminating the “extras” that cost restaurant owners money and leave customers with all kinds of extra waste, ultimately wreaking havoc on the environment.

Print this flyer for your convenience, and consider
sharing it with friends and business owners.


  • SAY ‘NO’ TO THE EXTRAS: Ask the restaurant to leave out the extras, such as plastic utensils, napkins, straws and condiments. Use your own. If these are not options when ordering, ask the restaurant to make them options – not only to save the restaurant money, but to lessen waste.
  • STATE YOUR PREFERENCE: Ask restaurants to replace plastic carryout boxes with compostable, reusable or foil products when possible. Thank them if they are already doing so.
  • REFUSE THE BAG: Tell restaurants you do not want your order placed in a plastic bag. Bring your own reusable bag in which to place your order.
  • LET RESTAURANTS KNOW: You are doing your part to reduce restaurants’ costs while reducing your own waste and the overall impact on the environment.


  • REDUCE COSTS: Ask if customers need plastic utensils, napkins, straws, condiments and plastic bags. Offer options, in the form of check boxes, for online ordering.
  • STOP USING STYROFOAM AND PLASTIC: Choose biodegradable, compostable or reusable packaging.
  • CHOOSE RECYCLED PAPER PRODUCTS: Use unbleached napkins and coffee filters. Provide paper straws only upon request. Use brown paper bags for takeout orders.
  • LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW: You are attempting to cut costs while reducing environmental impacts.

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Do what you can, when you can, to eliminate single-plastic waste and we’ll all be better for it!